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Vivian L. Roehrig
Ship Name Photographer Location
Vivian L. Roehrig Brian Henesey Ships from the rest of the world outside of New England
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
n/a K-Sea Transportation Partnership June 6, 2008
  United States  
Vivian L. Roehrig westbound in the Kills. She will be our assist boat going into Sun Oil Newark. Side note. K-Sea just bought the Roehrig Fleet. Sad to see ANOTHER family ran company eaten up by corporate greed (my opinion)
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Name rod
Date June 6, 2008
Comment Nice looking tug! I had no idea that the Roehrig fleet had been brought up. :-( I hope they won't change to much of the look of the boats..

Name Nate
Date June 6, 2008
Comment Well rod im guessing you havent heard the news, k-sea just acquired roehrig maritime

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