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Treasure Coast
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Ship Name Photographer Location
Treasure Coast Brian Henesey Ships from the rest of the world outside of New England
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
n/a Dann Towing July 8, 2008
  United States  
Treasure Coast, one of the newer boats for Dann Towing is eastbound in the Arthur Kill pushing a Penn Barge.
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Name rod
Date July 9, 2008
Comment Wow!! Definately a new look for Dann Towing... Are they going to keep the other boats in tehir current colors or do you think they will all get changed to this livery?

Name Brian
Date July 9, 2008
Comment Actually there are two Dann Towing Companies. Two brothers split. One went to Tampa, the other in Chesapeake MD. The above is from Dann in MD, the other Dann Boats are from Dann in Tampa.

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