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Baltic Sea
Ship Name Photographer Location
Baltic Sea Birk Thomas New York Harbor and the Hudson River
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
7319060 K-Sea Transportation Partnership May 17, 2008
  United States  
Westbound KVK, passing Reinauer's Yard -- New York, NY

Built as the Mobil 2 by Southern Shipbuilding in 1973 for Mobil, rated at 3,000 hp. She was renamed the Tachee in the wake of the Exxon Valdez incident, when the oil companies sought to remove their name from vessels that could potentially have incidents. When she was renamed the Tachee, Mobil added an upper wheelhouse.

After Mobil became Sea River Maritime, the Tachee was renamed the S/R Albany, when Sea River was dissolved the S/R Albany was acquired by K-Sea Transportation Partners and renamed the Baltic Sea.
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