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LAPIS ARROW (IMO# 9361809 ) Strange visitor from
Tuesday March 3, 2009 at 6:25 PM by Rod
On the way to work today, I noticed that not only was Marina Ace docked at Davisville, but also a second ship. My first thought was that with the economy the way it is, where are all the cars these ships bring going? I would guess out via rail and truck. Anyway once i was able to, I looked on my system to find what the second ship was. It was uniquely called LAPIS ARROW built in 2006. Definitely a name I have not heard of before and definitely one i have not seen ply these waters before. My research revealed that she is owned by LAPIS MARITIME based out of the Isle of Man but managed by STAMCO SHIP MANAGEMENT based in Greece. There were several things I noticed about her later as I shot pictures of her leaving. A) She looked good.. Nice lines... etc.. B) She had a wonderful color scheme on her hull in as much as she had a royal blue hull with a darker green stripe approximately 10 meters wide at the top of her hull just below her top deck going around the entire boat. It was an unusual color scheme as well as pleasing as it was vastly different from what we are used to see here in Narragansett bay. C) Final thing I noticed is a red stack with a large white K on it. This to me indicated that she is a K-Line ship but I could find no data to verify that. if she is a K-Line ship is it possible that she could be a replacement for the former sisters (Sirius and Coral Highway) that were such frequent visitors? Maybe, Maybe not... Time will tell.. But it does make me wonder... Picturees of the ship will be forth coming...
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Name William
Date Thursday August 20, 2009 12:25 PM
Comment Hi folks, She's been anchored a mile and a half outside my front window (location 50.1065N, 04.5882W) for the last month but disappeared overnight last night 19/20 Aug. Quite missing her but can't track her on any of the usual sites. Does anyone know her whereabouts, please.

Name Oldseawolf
Date Tuesday January 17, 2012 7:44 PM
Comment She just docked in the port of San Diego

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