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Christoffer Oldendorff
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Ship Name Photographer Location
Christoffer Oldendorff Rod Narragansett Bay
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
8011782 Bulker - Oldendorff Fleet April 14, 2008
Luebeck GERMANY based Oldendorff Carrier's Liberian flagged Christoffer Oldendorff is outbound Narragansett Bay peeking around from behind the Dumplings at 1800 hrs on April 14th 2008 bound for sea. Note that she is in the bright setting sun and shade is in her path.

This is the first of what will be many pictures posted on In lieu of a bottle of champagne, this posting will have to surfice.
Name Craig
Date April 15, 2008
Comment Congratulations on the site! The pictures look great, keep em coming!

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