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ATB Nicole Leigh Reinauer & RTC 135
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Ship Name Photographer Location
ATB Nicole Leigh Reinauer & RTC 135 Birk Thomas New York Harbor and the Hudson River
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
9207625 Reinauer Transportation Companies May 12, 2007
  United States  
Loading at Motiva, Seawaren -- Seawaren, NJ

Built for Reinauer Transportation in 1999 at Alabama Shipyard of Mobile, Ala (Hull #241). She was the first ATB for Reinauer, designed by Ocean Tug and Barge.

The Nicole is 7200 horsepower, 118 (ft) long, drawing 23 (ft) and 40 (ft). She is fitted with an INTERcon coupler system she was married to her barge the RTC 135, that was constructed alongside the Tug. Rated at 7,200 hp she is powered by two Caterpillar 3612 Main Engines, rated at 3600 hp each taken at 900 RPM. Her electrical power is supplied by two Caterpillar 3306 99 KW generators turning 1800 RPM, one generator is dedicated to the INTERcon coupler system. She also features two Rolls Royce New Generation 5-blade propellers.

During the winter of 2001/2002 the Nicole along with her sister The Lincoln Sea (Operated by K-Sea Transportation Partners). Both units are of the Atlantic II class ATB's designed by Robert Hill of Ocean Tug & Barge.
The Nicole and the Lincoln Sea where the only two units supplying home heating oil to the Rhode Island area. Due to constant and frequent winter storms that year, which would force other units weather bound the Nicole could make the trip despite the weather which in some cases carried winds in excess of 50 knots and seas of 20 ft. The Nicole never went weather bound once that winter.
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