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Ship Name Photographer Location
CURTIS REINAUER (sold 2011) Birk Thomas New York Harbor and the Hudson River
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
9653240 Reinauer Transportation Companies April 23, 2008
  United States  
Built for Interstate Oil Transport at Main Ironworks Houma, La in 1979 as the tug Delaware.

Many changes came to Interstate Oil, when a company called Southern National Resources purchased, also known for a time as SONAT Marine. SONAT then sold out to Maritrans Operating Partners LLP.

In 1998 Maritrans northeast fleet was thinned. The Delaware was one of the three vessels purchased by Reinauer from Maritrans Operating Partners (formerly) Interstate Oil Transport. The Ranger (Jill Reinauer) and the Interstate Transporter (Kristy-Ann Reinauer) the Delaware was later renamed the Curtis Reinauer. She is 75(ft) long, 26(ft) wide, and drawing 13(ft).
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