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Matthew Tibbetts
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Ship Name Photographer Location
Matthew Tibbetts Birk Thomas New York Harbor and the Hudson River
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
8986949 Reinauer Transportation Companies April 23, 2008
  United States  
Built in 1969, by Main Ironworks Houma, La. She was originally named the Ocean Tower and was built for Dann Ocean Towing of Tampa, Florida. In the late 1970's the Ocean Tower was purchased from Dann Ocean Towing, named the Franklin Reinauer, she was chartered under Baleen Towing, a company that was a joint venture between Reinauer Transportation and Jake Tibbetts (son of Boston Fuel and Towing's President at the time.) The Franklin Reinauer featured a single "B" in the diamond on the stack, in the late 1970's the single "B" was replaced with the "BFT" in the diamond. When Reinauer took delivery of the current incarnation of the Franklin Reinauer the original Franklin Reinauer was renamed the Matthew Tibbetts. It is said that the renaming corresponded with the purchase of the Boston Fuel Transportation barges BFT 38 and BFT 39 in 1980 / 1981. In the late 1990's though, environmental regulations called for vapor recovery systems be installed for the transfer of gasoline from shore side to barges. Since the oil terminals in the port of Boston opted not to install the systems, the Mathew Tibbetts and most of the barges were transferred to Reinauer Transportation's operations in New York. In New York vapor recovery systems were already in place. The Matthew Tibbetts measures 91(ft) long, drawing 10(ft) and 27(ft) wide rated at 2,000 horsepower.
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