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ATB Austin Reinauer & RTC 100
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Ship Name Photographer Location
ATB Austin Reinauer & RTC 100 Birk Thomas New York Harbor and the Hudson River
IMO Number Ship Type Date Taken
7729514 Reinauer Transportation Companies March 20, 2008
  United States  
The ATB Austin Reinauer, pushing the RTC 100, southbound Hudson River

Built in 1977, by Modern Marine Power, Inc. of Houma Louisiana. (hull #19). The Austin Reinauer is 110(ft) long, drawing 14.5(ft), and 32 (ft) wide; she is rated at 3,900 horsepower. She was built for the Morania Oil Tanker Corporation as the Morania No. 20. However, in the 1988, the boat went on a bare boat charter to Mobil and was renamed the Mobil 5. She was chartered alongside a barge the 120 (ex. Corpus Christi Sun). She was Sunk in 1989, in the Morris canal when she was tripped by her barge. She was raised and repaired. Mobil would later rename their boats after the Exxon Valdez accident and then again after the subsequent merger with Exxon when the two companies became Sea River Maritime. At which time she was renamed again as the Tamarac. In 1994, her charter expired and the boat was returned to the Morania Oil Tanker corporation and the Tamarac was renamed the Morania No. 1.
Within a year she was purchased by Reinauer Transportation Companies and renamed the Austin Reinauer. In 2003, she was fitted with and INTERcon coupler system and married to the 100,000 BBL barge RTC 100. This was Reinauer's first conversion of a conventional tug to an Articulated Tug and Barge (ATB). The RTC 100 was the first of a series of two 100,000 BBL barges built at SENESCO Shipyard in North Kingston, RI prior to Reinauers acquisition of SENESCO.
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